"What do you call a guinea pig with three eyes?"

"A guinea piiig"     - lol

Just to share with the world our little bundles of joy; we have guinea pigs, all girls (ahem, Ladies). Their names are Beans (Beanie), Pea, & Polo. They're about 6 yrs old now but still babies to us. Their squealing is adorable. When they bite the cage bars that can get a little annoying, but it's only because they want something.


Beanie is a ditz. She lives in a world of her own without a care. Her bubbly personality and frizzy hair means she bumps into things quite a lot (might explain the ditziness). She's not very well toilet trained and she really loves her hay. When she's tired, she'll just drop and go straight to sleep. Then her eyes flicker like she's having a crazy dream.


Pea is most elegant. Her hair can be a bit of a problem as it grows long, fast. She enjoys resting on top of bricks. She's very well behaved and knows her way around. She licks us lots (even when having eye drops). Pea unfortunately passed away and readjusting took a little time. We miss her lots. Things are quieter now but we're ok. 
 portrait3Polo is loud lol. She's well behaved when out and about and knows where the toilet is. She has excellent hearing and sense of smell. Her ears flicker which is funny. Her hair is the easiest to manage luckily.  She loves food and will try her luck by fluttering her eyes. She's very punctual and demanding when it comes to food. Sadly she passed away in Dec 2013.

They got 2 cages which used to be joined by 2 pipes. But we had to separate them since Pea has gone as the 2 left don't seem to get along so well anymore.


The cages have been modified somewhat. The picture below is when the cages were joined. You can see the back of Polo in the other cage. Now that the cages are separate, the tubes have been replaced with plugs (like a tube end cap).


The inside corners of cages can be a bit awkward when it comes to cleaning. So to make it easier to wipe round, I puttied them.


There's also a slide door at floor level so that they don't have to be hoisted out all the time. That was when we used to have the cages on the floor.


I made the holster for the drinking bottles to make it easier for them to drink from the spout. I also made them a dangly salt stone thing using an old key chain.


They got a bunch of bedrooms I made from bits of wood. They also used to have other toys I made, but they destroyed them. They enjoy bricks, so as they're getting older, they're getting more bricks to hop on and lean up against.

Guinea Pig toys

Ages ago I messed around with making some stuff for them to play with. These are pretty battered now and I've stopped using them as really, they're not made out of the best (suitable) material. 

This was made to fit snugly into the tray part of their cage. It all slotted together but once they started chewing on it, it had to go. It had a flat top, but it meant we couldn't actually see them running about.

guineastuff1 guineastuff2

This double tube ramp was pretty cool while it lasted. The surface could have done with steps to help them climb the ramp easier. The double tube bend was just an idea to see if a network of tubes could be done.

guineastuff3 guineastuff4

They really enjoyed this 6 hole box a lot. Tubes can be added to each hole.


If I had the space and suitable materials, I would probably build a labyrinth for them :)