quick intro as to what my plans are, why I bought one finally.,...ladada

It's about time I got into the 3d printing world. For the kind o fwork I do, this kind of machine is perfect for my needs. I can prototype designs a lot quicker.A lot of my delays come from problem solving designs. So hopefully this will free up some brainpower for more creative things.

Small scale stuff works well for me. Ok it might not do minature figures inhigh detail, but thatb can be left for eral life sculpting, and the machine can focus more on oridnary objects.
So I 'm not expecting no finishing required. There'll be some experimenting with material science which I don't mind.



Why I picked a Tevo Tarantula.
-fairly cheap
-wanted something modular I could adapt
-large community support
-Some good praise on parts like the heated bed
-company seem organized with branding and packaging.

Dual extruder, large bed, came with 2x rolls rainbow PLA filament, flex extruder, titan....blah

Despite knowingly it has many issues, I hear it can print like a dream once upgrades have been done. So far it's been a bit of a knightmare.

-ordering anxiety


tt1 tt2 tt3

tt4 tt5 tt6





-wiring up


-test print